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Officials at the scene believe alcohol may have been a factor (2)
So you California types (10)
Big Buff Guy: "Strong enough for a man" Attractive Tranny: "But I like it too" (5)
Yes I want to order an extry large cheese pizza, easy on the rat poison tho, I'm onna diet (2)
I'll see you on ... the (13)
Hey let's ease up on the Cos, he's been totally vindicated (8)
AF1 needs $24M worth of fridge upgrades (12)
Charlie don't surf! But Pixie does! (2)
Is anybody on board an Airline Pilot? If so, please go up front and drive this plane, please! Hurry please! (14)
The Butcher of Bosnia takes his medicine (3)
OMG, not Stuart Little too! (2)
Oh BTW, speaking of fake news (5)
She rollin', rollin', rollin' Though the streams are swollen Keep them doggies rollin', rawhide (2)
Looks Like A Bad One ( 2 ) (33)
As Sheriff of Spokane County, let me assure you that guns had nothing to do with the unfortunate shooting at the school. I blame yer librul media, No really, stahp laffing! (6)
I come in peace, I am from the future, I am here to warn the residents of Casper Wyoming to flee the coming Alien Invasion (4)
Elaine Benes has the Cancers (3)
They call the wind Maria (2)
We need to ban Utahians from Oregon, just until we figure out what is going on, we have to (4)
Fox News fans meltdown over petition to replace confederate statue with one of Missy Elliott (2)
Yes it was in Florida (3)
It's 7:30, do you know where your grandmother is? (3)
Hitler did nothing wrong (2)
Why Trump supporters, why? (5)
Breaking News...Really? (7)
San Diego Police answer Trump's call and get tough on criminals (3)
Karma's a bitch aint it Martin Shkreli? (5)
Aha! Gotcha Monsanto! (10)
For women from the ancient medicinal wisdom of China (4)
Starling here's hoping you and yours are safe (20)