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Bill Cosby to go buh bye for 3-10 (9)
Why did Trump let this deranged psychopathic illegal alien Messican freely roam are streets killing Mericans? (2)
TBH, I've had my doubts about the F35 Fighter program, the costs, the delays the bugs etc, but if it's it's invisible, I'm in! (5)
Was that wrong of me to steal the Ambulance, while you guys did CPR on that old lady? (2)
U S Border Patrol Agent has an interesting hobby (2)
When you're at the Beach watching the waves, pay fckng attention! (7)
Anyone seen Rancid recently? (7)
The Taliban enact sharia law in Oregon, no really (8)
This is fine (4)
Professoring while Republican (2)
The China People fire on the US Navy #winning (6)
'You can't arrest me for a DUI, cuz Ima pretty white girl!' (11)
Any of y'all catch the new Infowars reboot? (2)
I'd like to welcome the newest member (so to speak) to the Community of Nations, Fapistan, give 'em a hand! (3)
Patriot Prayer V. Auntie Fay Livestreaming (3)
Wabbit or Oak, remember I'm your Bestie, K? (12)
We never had no fire tornados till Obama divided the Country (1)
The Trumpophants are quiet on FB today (1)
I couldn't find a thread discussing the recent Stormy Daniels arrest (4)
High-End Russian-Prostitution Ring Busted. Where they were caught will blow your mind (7)
Anti Trump Rally Engulfs London. Now with 40% More Live Feed (1)
Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. Papa John's, now with 50% Less Papa John (2)
"Rogue" FBI Agent Strzok lays down a savage beating on Howdy Gowdy (4)
If the mind can conceive it, you can achieve it. The Floriduh Edition (1)
Dining While Mitch McConnell At The Karma Kafe (2)
Judge tells Trump to fck off with his zero tolerance mass incarceration BS (9)
Oregon throws down the gauntlet on Distracted driving (2)
In Trump's America, Two year olds are committing suicide #MuchWinning (1)
President Trump asks you to buy American, Hire American. But he don't need to (4)
Any one have any special plans for the 4th? (13)