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Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it! (17)
If I had a hammer, I swing it at your windows, all over this boat (15)
Kent State Hippies ignore Sneaker Wave Warnings Peeps (1)
Dance like no one is watching (1)
Oh no, don't let the rain come down! (1)
Thanksgiving Bomb Cyclone produced 75 foot wave (7)
Is there a coprophiliac in the house? (8)
Question for the Vets, Does a POTUS have to know the criminals name before he can pardon them? (1)
Great news people, Olivia Jade is back on YT! (3)
Fox News Accuses Decorated Little Bird Colonel Vindman of Espionage (2)
Bring out your Dead Romaine Lettuce, again (1)
Because Walls Work! (1)
Kill for peace (1)
Why does Trump coddle criminals? (1)
Alien civilization blocks humanity after receiving unsolicited nude pics (1)
Mexicans are terrible people, because they're so dum ( 2 ) (30)
Don't trim trees in Hawaii (9)
Hillary takes out ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi ( 2 3 ) (46)
In this late breaking bulletin out of Bumpass Virgina a 14 year old girl is kidnapped by Mom's ex (3)
Toyota Camrys are still mindless killing machines (1)
Breaking News: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead (2)
How to succeed in Collage, without really trying (1)
Say my name! (2)
So what is a "Sneaker Wave" You ask? (7)
OMFG, are president is a moran! "Come Erdogan, don't be a fool!" (1)
Kool Aid Man denies involvement with ISIS Break (2)
International Hotel under construction in a 3rd world shithole collapses (3)
"Somebody Help me' Oh hush sweety, your Father is a good man (1)
Turkey attacks Trump from the rear, Greece doesn't help (1)
Donald Trump operated a Child Porn Ring at Mar A Lago (16)