Celebrity Death Watch

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Witch King's Celebrity Death Watch (1)
They killed Timmy! (1)
Farewell, Frida ... at least you outlived theAdministrator (11)
The World's Greatest Athlete, and a hometown boy (5)
Sara Romweber, Drummer of Let’s Active, Dead at 55 (2)
We all made his invention say BOOBIES, but now he's tits up (1)
Luke Perry, 90210 your way in here (3)
Marylin Munster, come on down (4)
Peter Tork, drive that Monkeemobile on in here (3)
Time Square VE Day Sailor Kissing the Nurse in iconic pic has died (8)
Kofi Burbridge, gone at 57 (2)
Beer pioneer dead (9)
Dingell's bury-ment (4)
Frank Robinson, yoouuuu'rrre outtta heeeree! (1)
I know you're Somewhere Out There, James... so Baby, Come to Me, Just Once (1)
A Somber Tune (1)
A "technical error" (5)
Mary Oliver, RIP (1)
Betty White supremacy continues, outlives another one (1)
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Super Dave (Bob Einstein) has left the building (2)
Another Dragon has died (6)
Oh Nos - Not Laverne (5)
Every Which Way But Alive, Ms. Locke (5)
Bush Sr dead - I have no comment ( 2 ) (21)
Nicolas Roeg: The man who fell from earth (2)
Hello, he killed Inigo Montoya's father, now he has died (1)
Cranberries can be fatal (16)
Your turn to curtsy, his turn to bow out (1)