Celebrity Death Watch

Why do they keep dying? (9)
Witch King's Celebrity Death Watch (1)
Get your motor runnin', Peter... It's time to go (4)
The little girls are safe (4)
You were Beloved but now you're in here, Toni (3)
Try their new candle scent, Mortuary (1)
"Lost in time, like tears in rain..." get on in here, Rutger (8)
You're dead, Felix Leiter. Now BUZZ OFF! (1)
Requiem for a big box store (1)
You've never really done this kinda thing before, Russell, but come on in (1)
Violet, you turned violet, Violet! (1)
Ripped and Torn, finally succumbing to entry into this august Hall (2)
H Ross Perot, debate your way in here (4)
Farewell, Joao ....thanks for the Bossa (3)
Time to go to salvage, Lee (8)
You were very very interesting, Arte, but stupid. Get in here (2)
Detective Luis Alvarez This is your last radio call (4)
Anderson Cooper's Mom (2)
Your chariot has swung low, Dr. John (3)
Yikes, I missed this broadcast about Bill Wattenburg, former late night talk show guy on KGO The Blow Torch of the West, out of SFO (7)
Leon Redbone (2)
Before Aaron Rodgers, before Brett Favre, there was the Great Bart Starr (2)
Grumpy Cat (6)
I. M. Pei, your glass elevator awaits (3)
One of the, if not THE, funniest men on TV, Tim Conway (4)
No more Pillow Talk, You're with Rock Hudson Now (2)
Kendrick Castillo, Please allow me to introduce myself (1)
No more laughing it up, fuzzball, time to beam up (4)
John Havlicek (2)
They killed Timmy! (1)