Celebrity Death Watch

Witch King's Celebrity Death Watch (1)
Never mind the hammer, Trini...just ooze on in here (2)
Herman Cain, now sharing Pizza with Jesus, PTL! (13)
It was the Right Thing to Do, but now you've climbed into the Cocoon and gone (12)
David W. Nagy: What a wonderful way to say Fuck Trump (1)
Oh Well Peter Green you knew sooner or later you'd end up here (5)
Buddy the German Shepherd (2)
John Saxon, you Entered the Dragon, and had a couple of nightmares, but Freddie finally got you (2)
Olivia de Havilland, 104 years young (3)
Regis Philbin, you're the next contestant on "Who wants to be dead!" (4)
R.I.P., Judith (3)
Gabriel blew that oboe for you, Ennio...get on in here (5)
Hugh Downs (1)
Carl Reiner, a legend, at 98 (1)
St Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys, (*snerk*) Batman & Robin... come on down, Joel (1)
Bilbo Baggins, come on in (3)
We'll meet again don't know where, don't when..Vera Lynn (1)
Kurt, you were left out of the '80 games but got the US a Worlds anyway. Time to stick the dismount (2)
Don't worry BD6, I sent thoughts and prayers to Queen Guitarist Brian May already (2)
100,000 (3)
Eddie Haskell (3)
Aqualung besets Ian Anderson (1)
A-bop-bop, a-loo-mop, a-lop-bop-bop, get yer azz in here Tutti Frutti, yer dancing days are done (19)
Lucky Peterson can you play yourself out on your new song, Coronavirus Blues? (1)
Epstein did not kill himself (3)
Fred Willard, comedy everyman (2)
Phyllis George (1)
She took their pictures, she invented their hairstyles, she even dated their original bass player, and now she knows what it's like to be dead (5)
Cut, Copy and Paste guy has been deleted (4)
Jerry Stiller is airing his list of grievances with God now (2)