Celebrity Death Watch

Witch King's Celebrity Death Watch (1)
Don't worry BD6, I sent thoughts and prayers to Queen Guitarist Brian May already (2)
100,000 (3)
Eddie Haskell (3)
Aqualung besets Ian Anderson (1)
A-bop-bop, a-loo-mop, a-lop-bop-bop, get yer azz in here Tutti Frutti, yer dancing days are done (19)
Lucky Peterson can you play yourself out on your new song, Coronavirus Blues? (1)
Epstein did not kill himself (3)
Fred Willard, comedy everyman (2)
Phyllis George (1)
She took their pictures, she invented their hairstyles, she even dated their original bass player, and now she knows what it's like to be dead (5)
Cut, Copy and Paste guy has been deleted (4)
Jerry Stiller is airing his list of grievances with God now (2)
A tiger got coronavirus, a tiger got Roy Horn, and therefore coronavirus got Roy Horn (2)
Winningest NFL coach evar (2)
RIP MS Lernon (Lemon Harangue) (2)
Awkward, goofy actor, and seriously talented musician, Sam Lloyd (Scrubs, Cougar Town) (2)
He was here but he really had to go (2)
You drew First Blood against John Rambo, but you're still going before him. Brian Dennehy, come on down (3)
You can learn about life when you play the game of life, until it's over. Come on down, John Conway (3)
Hello in there John Prine, why don't you hang around awhile longer (9)
Bill Withers... RIP (4)
Linda Tripp it's time for you take your act down the road (2)
Yer out on strikes, Kaline (8)
Thanks for the mammaries, Honor Blackman (3)
She slapped Chief Brody, then only 45 years later gets slapped by Trumpvirus (1)
Chess guys, your Queen Arianne Caolli, has been dethroned with extreme prejudice (2)
He cleared it by half a foot, but couldn't clear the coronavirus. Tom Dempsey, it's time for your celebration (2)
Patriarch of the Marsalis Clan succumbs to teh covid's (11)
Joe Diffie, come on down (3)