Darwin awards

About the Darwin Awards category (1)
Step away from the volcano (1)
Thank you for your service (2)
Bikini Climber trajically dead (3)
Darwin misses - too bad - forgot to strap passenger in hang glider (1)
Ceiling cater did not listen - you cannot go there - we leave them alone (1)
Utah mayor killed in Afganistan - what exactly was he gona change - moran (12)
She warned them about selfies (1)
I is drunk in yer cargo hold (1)
This would not have happened to an American Indian (1)
Jon James falls to death in airplane stunt (6)
Why does an army on the march break step when going over bridges? (4)
Rafting accident (3)
Billdo - we need a double Darwin cat - Painting yer wall in Thailand - WTF? (9)
My Grandmother and I went picking berries - stay away from the tracks she tol me - never go near the tracks - I listened (1)
They shuda had better tents (6)
Paper plate 1 - Knight 0 (14)
Charles Robert Darwin (1)
Selfie fetches another one (8)
Desert Eagle .50 - Why not jus walk in front of a train? Same result (6)
Selfie fetches 2 more (4)
He gave it a good effort, he'll get that Darwin eventually (6)
Darwin fetches two more on El Capitan ( 2 ) (23)
Darwin misses a whole family (2)
Teen successfully becomes vampire (1)
Why is it a tragedy - Tragedy as famous daredevil climber plunges to death from well-known skyscraper (5)
Retail Woes (3)
I doubt if I would have jumped in either ( 2 ) (22)
Jet Blast Kills Tourist At World Famous Caribbean Beach (1)
Darwin Award Contender (4)