Darwin awards

I only regret that I have but one life to give for my selfie (2)
Would you take my pic with my phone here? OK thanks, When I jump snap away! (3)
Who the fuck lets the car drive? Darwin wins (5)
Yellowstone, not the place to hop off the beaten path (11)
Stunt pilot dies in crash performance at airshow (4)
Ohio teen electrocutes self conducting high voltage experiement he saw on the internets (4)
Unedited video of the Bundy Boy getting shot by the Law ( 2 3 ) (49)
You know that guy that jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge ( 2 3 4 ) (65)
Superman wannabe crashes and burns attempting to fly off a Swiss Alp (14)
From bull to steer in a single shot (9)
Genius alert! (3)
I know we all love taking those Rattlesnake selfies, but be careful they can get expensive (6)
Texan shoots armadillo, chaos ensues (10)
Texas man dies after shooting firework off chest (4)
So you're not supposed to launch fireworks mortars from yer head, who knew? (14)
Another stupid American (7)
Darwin claims 2 more - lol ( 2 ) (31)
Darwin claims another (3)
Alas, this one escaped Darwin's grasp, he was soo close too. (Everyone from Detroit is crazeee!) (3)
Darwin is taking yer fingers (4)
Future Darwin award winners (3)
Darwin Gets An Arm (6)
Uncle Chuck is taking careful aim with his evolver (1)
Preys be to jebus fer teh 2nd amendment! (1)
I'm Florida, and I allow murder with little to no consequences (1)
Man hunting geese in New Jersey accidentally kills himself: police (9)
Ferguson woman worried about Post White Wash Riots, buys gun kilt herself (No not on purpose) (8)
So this blond is speeding in her little red convertible (3)
A near miss for Uncle Chuck (3)
The lawyer for a Massachusetts man believes that it will be impossible for his client to get a fair trial because he’s implanted horns and tattooed the number ’666′ on his forehead (3)