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I will bet any and all SF Bay Area Sports Fans 5 Recs, that the Seahawks bury the Niner's next Monday ( 2 3 ) (50)
Are you ready for some football? (5)
The Nationals accuse The Astros of throwing the World Series, to get out of visiting Trump (4)
Well, I ain't superstitious. Oh, the black cat just cross my trail (3)
Boxer dies from boxing, People don't kill people, Boxing does (13)
My Bay Area Peoples, the niners are looking good this year! (5)
It should be illegal for your College Team and Pro Team to have the same bye week (6)
Apey your Beavers are making quick work of my Mustangs (12)
Are you ready for some football? (2)
ND QB breaks cheerleader's nose (4)
Just in case anyone of of you mfers wonder why I joined the United Sates Navy! (18)
Cubs co-owner takes over Trump's re-election fundraising (3)
Raiders are practicing up the street (3)
I have to speak with the manager of this T-Ball Team (8)
Bigduke6 Oil's over 60 agin, u shud short the fuk out of it (2)
Usa usa usa! (11)
NBA done, no Football, no Hockey, Baseball's too boring, what to watch now? (7)
Warriors working to take the series to 7 games (17)
GSW says KD tore his Achilles Tendon, cleared to play game 6 (2)
In Game 5, Blues made Boston look like just one more bunch of losers (1)
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My San Jose Chokes will likely demonstrate the basis for this nickname tonite ( 2 3 4 ) (63)
Seth Curry Is Best Curry (8)
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Musta been a spider on the back of Harrington's head, and nobody thanked Marchand (3)
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