100 Days of Protest: A Chasm Grows Between Portland and the Rest of Redneck Oregon



Meanwhile these are the same assholes discriminating against and attacking minorities, homeless and LGBT people… You don’t have to wear and fly your flag, that’s a choice bitch…

“I’m a normal person and I don’t have extremist views,” Rebecca Crymer said. “Normal people should be able to feel like they can fly an American flag and not get hunted down for it.”


oh rlly…

“Conservatives feel angry and they feel treated unjustly and I guess the word is oppressed,” said Mr. James Buchal, chairman of the Multnomah County Republican Party, the county that includes Portland.


awwwww, because there’s protesters just wandering around downtown harassing people… you’re unwelcome because you’re obviously a racist, redneck shitbag… stay in Sandy and Vantucky…

Conservatives in the Portland area say the authorities have allowed protesters to hijack the downtown. When they visit, they say, they feel unwelcome and have been harassed.


I believe the term they use for that is “snowflake”.




That darn conflagration, kinda knocked the wind out of BLM Portland. Maybe it was time for a reset anyway?


The protests aren’t over, just on hold due to the fires.


Is this for evacuees from the fires?


No, just an impression held by many. Supported with documentation.


So, who is Antifa helping? Am I missing something?


Well in that example in the photo that was “antifa” helping during Portland Protests.And then by definition, Antifa is helping those who the fascists wish to overpower.


Actually a lot of the protesters are doing relief efforts right now and I’ve seen tents similar to those with stuff for evacuees. I saw one of them bought $1200 worth of stuff at walmart yesterday for evacuees from donations they raised.


Really cool!


“Antifa” is the community, not some organization, there are no leaders.