20 years from now the ACLU will be appealing it


Saying these animals shouldn’t be put to death.

About 9:30 a.m., however, the authorities found Kingston dead with a gunshot wound to the back of his head, Mr. Hall said. His body was left in the back seat of the car, which had been abandoned behind a warehouse on a dead-end dirt road in rural Madison County, about a dozen miles from the Kroger, the authorities said.

“All they had to do is let this kid off on the side of the road, at a grocery store, at a church, anywhere else, but they chose to kill the kid,” Mr. Hall said.


And the kid was black too

They can’t even justify saying they were angry at whitey.

There are many theories on how these people act this way, but I’m more interesting in the theories of how to get rid of the them.



16 years old and already dead inside. The world needs more Dutertes…


Yes death squads so much easier than an education and jobs. Why didn’t the founders put that in the bill of rights?


What if some simply don’t want to work and be educated?

That was proven to be a reality here in Brazil.


These animals were high school age and out stealing cars on a school night anyway. Their fambalies ought to be charged as well.


The day you start as many threads about white criminals as you do about black criminals is the day I will give more than half of a rat’s rear end about these threads you start.


This thread was more about the black victim. 6 years old.


Then why didn’t you post a story about him?


Because I knew that LIBs would be more concerned with the fate of the perps.

And I was right.


You were? Link?


Res ipsa loquitur


WTF are you talking about? And I’m not asking for a translation. I am asking WTF you’re talking about.


A child is dead, but alleged racism on the internets means more to SJWs.


No,dear. One is just sick of the racism. One made no judgments regarding the relative weightiness of a child’s death.

One is a mother, and would not wish that hell on anyone on earth.

But you could spend all day posting stories about children who have been killed – most of them by their parents or step parents. Why choose this story? Gee, who can answer that question?

You’re just boring as fuck in that you repeatedly post threads about crimes committed by blacks, and everyone knows why. Can’t you think of anything more interesting to harp on? I shouldn’t have even opened this thread.


The three of them charged with capital murder.



As they should be.