2017 - Mindless Killing Machine


Maybe Beavis and Butthead


Me either, i can see him raging with Keith Moon Harry Nillson, lennon possibly


Grim Reaper werkin hard today.
Azzedine Alaia - 77 YoA



Ann Wedgeworth - 83 YoA



Mel Tillis - 85 ToA



Put dead people here - for example, when David Cassidy departs. I’m hoping to reach 100 replies by December 31.


Accomplishing what?


I believe 100 replies is still the benchmark for Trophy threads. Even more so since there are fewer contributors these days - and most of them are dead in this case.




Why would Midge NOT have his own special definition?

Seems to me, though, that he’s committed a tactical error in stating his aspiration so baldly. I can give him his Century Thread tonight, just by perusing the local paper.


Or asking him WTF he is talking about. Why not? I have no stake in whether this thing hits 100.


If you click replies at the top of the main page it will show you the posts that have the most replies, you’ve been slipping big time.


…but those very long ones are just open ended gimmick threads for the most part.


This is a gimmick thread.


Yeah sher - but it isn’t open ended. Heck it will only cover 5 months of 2017 in the end.


Well that makes ALL the difference, dunnit?


“A Thread for Donny Tinyhands Memes” is not a gimmick thread. I posted it as a community service to the membership who might want or need a place to go to express their dismay and horror. Don’t dismiss the importance of such a service.


Is too.


That is all.



EDIT TO ADD: Post 100.