2018 -- Killing Floor


Stan Lee - Not dead.
…not yet, but it’s inevitable.




That’s serious - haunting - I gotta read some of her stuff -


It’ll be a sad day: he’s been such an iron man in the comics biz.


May I recommend “Dancing at the Edge of the World.” It’s my favorite collection of essays, ever.




Fixed the headline…

Colts’ Edwin Jackson killed after being struck by a drunk driver and ran over by a cop

Police believe Jackson was using a ride sharing service around 4 a.m. when he became ill and his driver pulled to the side of the road on I-70.

That’s when investigators say a Ford pickup truck veered onto the shoulder striking the car and killing both Jackson and his driver, 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe.

“One of the people struck was thrown into the center lane of I-70,” Indiana State Police noted in its release. “Shortly after the crash, and before any 911 calls were received, Trooper Ty Mays was driving through the area and noticed a vehicle in front of him make an evasive maneuver to the left. Mays then spotted the wreckage along the right side of the road and activated his emergency lights. As he slowed to stop for the crash he struck the body of the victim in the center lane.”