A Fox was stalking my outside kitty


I chased it but Kits operates at sub-light and her head is constantly on a swivel - so I don’t think Fox cud catch her.

She is more then street wise and has avoided two Australian Cattle dogs for years

Funniest thing I ever saw was a Shepard chasing a cat about a foot behind it and the cat turned 90 degrees at full speed and was 200 feet away before the Shepard stopped rolling over itself


This is the main reason why people who have cats de-clawed should have their hands amputated.


It’s illegal in a lot of states

I would add the vet who did it should have their hands amputated

The outside one will not come in - rain or shine or cold or blizzards

my shirt will attest to the fact my inside ones kept their claws


The only fox that I have seen lately I saw just a couple of weeks ago. It was walking across my backyard and it looked like it had a mouse in it’s mouth. It was a treat to see it.


What did it say?


I don’t understand your point.