A lesson about where I'm from


Last night a woman, a Muslim in Michigan won her primary and will run unopposed in the general election which will make her the first Muslim woman in the US Congress.

Let’s meet her, her name is Rashida Tlaib

Notice anything different about her? See there, no head scarf, no traditional Islamic clothing. She’s a MICHIGAN MUSLIM. I have tried to drill this into the heads of so so so many people. The Dearborn Arabs/Muslims are so well integrated into the USA fabric at this point. They are teachers, business owners, engineers and execs at the auto companies. If you think the Muslim thing is a problem in Michigan you’re just wrong.

I used to have a job canvassing all the areas of SE Michigan for either petition signatures or munny for our groups ballot proposals back when I was 19-23. I walked around every town in SE lower Michigan and have a pretty good idea about the people from town to town. When it was hot and I was canvassing the Arab areas of Dearborn there was no area more worried about if I was getting enough water or if I needed to come inside and sit for a while out of the heat than along Tireman Avenue in Dearborn. I still remember the area’s kindness. They were more worried about some roving black gang coming across Warren Ave into their area and messing with me than some Muslim/White guy thing. The BEST part about her winning? Old man and congressman for 60 years John Conyers goes bye bye.


So can we blame her for Flint’s water problems now?


I sent that link to some RFC’s


they will be fucking livid