A thread for Donny Tinyhands memes


I have the best Pokemon collection, it’s really terrific, I’ve got to watch those boys of mine, Donnie JR and that other kid, they wish they had my Pokemons.





Love it! People that come from fucked up shitholes should be men and fight to make their fucked up shitholes better places instead of coming here to suck their livings from the American taxpayer.

We already have enough liberals.


You’re from Illinois, as I recall.

When did you last go into gang country to “be men and fight to make their fucked up shitholes better places”?


he moved out into the 'burbs, like all big talking white men’s do. aka ‘run away!’




Why would I do that? I used to hang with gang niggers, The Lion. Still call some of them friends. Never had a problem. They have their places, they stay out of mine. A mutual understanding, if you will.

… of course, that has nothing to do with my comment in response to bro’s childish little cartoon, but you thought you had a point …

Sorry to disappoint you.


“Do as I say, not as I do”


Everyone gets the point, except you, you special little snowflake. Oh and news flash, not all African Americans are in gangs.


So, you never made an attempt to “clean up the hellhole you came from”. Thanks for clarifying.


I’m sure you have a shitpile of experience with black folks up where you live, bro.

My guess is that your “antiracism” is a quite academic endeavor for you.


Why raggie, you sound positively jelly.


Clean up Chicago? Riiiiight.

That is quite off the point though, TheLion. I daresay that that the crackheadest ghetto gang nigger on the west side of town has more in common with me and you than any feral subhuman muslim “refugee” from Syria.

Muslims don’t belong in the West. Ghetto blacks are my brother and sister county men compared to feral muslims, who are the enemies of humankind.


So, no, didn’t stay to fight.

More self-pussification from his own words.


How do you know what you have in common with a Muslim refugee?



I have nothing in common with feral subhuman muslims.

@Wabbit: Guadalupe is more criminal. Guadalupe is an illegal alien criminal that does not belong in this country. Guadalupe has to leave.

She can come back after she stands in line like everyone else.


I didn’t ask you to repeat yourself. I asked how you know you don’t if you never talk to these people?


And what punishment should the criminal Trump get for hiring such people, lying about it, and using blackmail techniques?