A thread for Donny Tinyhands memes


Why would I bother talking to a feral subhuman who’s filthy pedophile prophet orders it to kill me?

Read the Koran, Darla. It’s all there.

We’re not talking about the object of your obsession. We’re talking about the criminal alien named Guadalupe who has been stealing from Americans for years by sucking up social services she never paid for and who never should have been in this country in the first place


It was a comparison of the two. So yes, we are talking about Trump as well. Deflection noted.


Weak. Just admit that you think all the illegal alien criminals should just be let in and given everything they want … as long as they voate for filthy Democrat scum, right?


As long as they receive a fine liberal education it’s a win win for Merica… how else are we going to make up for the conservatards dragging down the national IQ?


I do not think what you say I think. I can’t help but note that you will still not address the criminality of Trump that was pointed out to you.


Read the Bible dear Reggie then thank your lucky stars that like many Muslims, Christians don’t follow their holy book to the letter.

I haven’t read the quoran cover to cover but I have talked to some really wonderful Muslim folks. I think something really gets lost in translation when you don’t engage the people who follow the book.


I have, but since I’m not a Christian, what point would there be in re-reading the Jew Book?


For a greater understanding of religious texts and how they translate within memberships.


LMAO. Did you actually address that post to Reggie? You do realize such a sentiment is completely out of his wheelhouse, right?


Yeah but I wanted to make him feel intellectually uncomfortable even if it was just for the briefest of moments haha :slight_smile:


What would you wear to my wheelhouse, sweets?


I’m guessing her IQ on her sleeve. :smile:


Tyvek, duh!


I’m still waiting for those plump tittie pics.


I don’t think Bro appreciates that characterization of his nipples.


So are they pencil erasers or teacup saucers?


You trying to get Bro to send you a pic of himself nude? I don’t think he’ll oblige you, somehow.


Nah, I ain’t a mo – not that there’s anything wrong with that in libtard land.

I was referring to the rumors being spread by Holliday reading the lusciousness of your breasts.


Points for not calling them “bewbiez”.


Yo Ragtard, I heard a rumor that you like to opine on what others need to do with their lives, when you yourself selfishly refuse to do the same.