A thread for Donny Tinyhands memes







Fucking backwards retarded fuck.

As it said in FB, it sums of the entire Trump presidency.


Then his supporters stood up and clapped.




The retardation from the Trumptards over his buffoonery across the pond is some of the saddest I have seen,

“She ain’t our Queen, fuck her!” “Trump’s got bawls!”

Jesus weeps.


So, here’s the deal.

She’s not our queen, we did fight a war of independence, we are a Republic. All true. However, if all that is true, why in the fuck even visit the queen and do a review of HER guards as if it’s for HIM?

His visit should have ended after his meeting with the political leader of the UK, Theresa May. If you decide you want to meet the Queen, then don’t be a dick.

This is not hard stuff.


Exactly, that’s what my basic response has been to those I felt like responding to, don’t like it, don’t go, although even that is not very diplomatic, it is less moronic.


I don’t think the British would have seen him not visiting as impolitic. Over a million signed petitions asking for the visit to be canceled. It would have given them an easy out. He’s an utter and complete asshole.

He’s a total unlikeable dick. It’s just that people with flat 401k’s for the last 6 months continue to suck up to him. They’re emotional fucking retards.


I meant, like you said, if you are anti Queen don’t visit her. Do the other “Real” chit chats with the Politicians over there and go one with your trip.





o the huge manatee



Kimmel, you watching this?



I thought clothing was exempt, you know, because Ivanka and all.


I wondered that too, but still got a chuckle out of the meme


just checked abc nbc and a handful of less well known sites are reporting it, but with qualifiers, could etc.