Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in jail cell



He was terrific in the Star Wars prequels.


What did he have on Killary?


Damn chicken hawk.




Hey Bormo,

There is a rumor going around that Trump is going to nationalize the California National Guard. He can do this. Are you prepared to shoot your fellow Americans?


It’s high time they did something about Berkeley. Kent State style.


Literally not possible.


I knew this story smelled funny.



Wtf! Hahaha


What is literally not possible?


It would defy their oath of enlistment.

Guard’s oath is to the State first.


Which State? Trump actually has the authority to take over the running of the California Guard.


Every state.

My oath of enlistment was to the state before the country.


I have a fairly good, fairly reasoned idea as to why he’d commit suicide now. He was recently found not guilty in a double murder. Great, he’d already been convicted of murder once anyway.

Except he hadn’t FULLY been convicted. His case was on appeal and because of a very old and obscure law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts he’s not officially and fully guilty until the appeal plays out. Technically, he just died an innocent man because under that law if the defendant dies the case has to go back to the beginning, ie not guilty.

Aaron Hernandez played in the NFL and it’s my guess since he’s not guilty of anything he gets some kind of pension payout for his family or friends, really the only thing he had left to work for. If the appeal was dismissed and his appeal thrown out he’d get no chance at anything.