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I sed drag racing - auto racing is fixed and cheating all over


If “fixing” were going on in MLB, a small market team like the Cardinals would not be in the WS every other year… not to mention back to back appearances by the KC Royals. And we wouldn’t see Cleveland and Oakland playing in the NBA Finals… back to back years no less. And SJ vs Pittsburgh in the Cup Finals… please.




I ain’t saying Ayesha Curry is a gold digger
But she may be calling out a game rigger


It almost killed baseball back when and any sport not on the up and up won’t have a TV deal for long and will die on the vine.

That being said the Pistons were a really really REALLY questionable, as in Laimbeer was three feet away from Kareem at the end of the 88 Final game 6, bad call away from a threepeat


I remember like 10 years ago an NBA ref was in trouble for fixing games. Never followed up on what happened though. But the NBA is the only sport where I still have no idea why a foul is a foul.


It really is complicated. I don’t know what half the fouls mean anymore.