Active mass shooting in New Zealand



Build the wall

I thot NZ was an all cooled out place


Me too. They think it is an attack on a Mosque.

Thanks Obama.


Shooter live streamed it.


Guess their big gun ban didn’t help


I did too, I thought it was kind of civil and all.

One of my nephews spent a year there during college, I thought he was kind of lucky.


Hey, another right wing anti-immigration wackaloon who really enjoyed the writings of the mass murderer in Norway who murdered about 70 kids on that camping island years ago.


How do you know? Maybe it’s save 50 events like this.


He is a yungun - that’s how he knows - jus like we did

fucking know everything and then find out you was a stupid fuck


The Beast is trying to break out. What a vile, ugly act.

So to is the murder of Christians in the ME.


So is exhorting your followers to commit violent acts.


If you see or hear about any alt-right, right-wing, or white nationalist event of any kind in your neighborhood or town, you REPORT IT! It’s a cancer in your town that needs to be cut away fast, as with any disease.


This was in New Zealand, which is a completely different Country than Australia, where Guns laws are not as strong Australia.


I hope no Hobbits were hurt.


I sed this b4 - I had a uncle get fucked up in WW2 in North Africa - I am gona strangle one or more of these mother fuckers If I get half a chance - Fer real


Yup, just like An FBI guy, if you watch or share the video, you are part of the problem.

PS, Punch Nazi’s in temples and in mouths.


Do yu think streaming the vid kina goes against an innocent plea


That will certainly make it more challenging, for his defense.


The Great Replacement, apparently is an thesis among these people, I have seen that phrase a couple times on FB, also a variation on that theme was chanted at Charlottesville, “Jews will not replace us”

2nd article talks of replacement