Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs


Does anyone know of a good course where they aren’t so petty?


Spoiler Alert: Scene from the summer smash hit movie, Jurassic Cash Grab!





Bro, do you even Mona Lisa?


aaah, he reminds me of my old Baylee,

(Or she)




I always thought that Mona Lisa was Italian. Boy, was I wrong!


Apparently, she was one of Marco Polo’s concubines that he brought home from the Orient.


Fuckn-A, that’s right.

What was I thinking?





You know you’ve wanted to at some point, yes?



Well the contouring makeup tech she does there is pretty much the opposite of what you’d do if you were a guy wanting to feminize your face. :slight_smile: She makes her eyes sunken in like a mans, brings out the male forehead, gives herself high male cheekbones and squares off her face. So you’re probably right…


A viewer wanted to find know what happens when a Mentos is Dropped into a crisp refreshing India Pale Ale, so we asked our Senior Craft Beer Journalist Brad to find Out


Hey peeps, my new virtual fidget spinner, I can sit and watch it for hours.