Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs




Probably redundant, fight me.


What is it with you and images from Lauterbrunnen? It’s only the most beautiful place on the planet. MrsW and I even have pics of this field because we had just lost a rabbit and remembered how much he loved dandelions. Dumb story and yet poignant.


Excellent question, I think it may relate to an Econ. Prof. I had that would on occasion talk about himself, one of the things he would mention was his ruminations of his semi-basement apartment in Boulder Colorado, while working on his Phd. for most of the year he had a view he described as just like this…the rest of the time his small window was covered by a snow bank. and on those mornings when sometimes before he turned on a light he could see the feint glow of that mornings sunrise through the snow covered window…

Oh, and I think a GG Gma was von Der Schweiss.


It’s all laughing and dancing around until someone gets kilt by a basketball!




hmm, can’t figger how to poast


(right-click on image, inspect element, go digging for *.gif if you can find it)




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