AF1 needs $24M worth of fridge upgrades



Why not just put in a McDonald’s franchise?


Donnie likes his DC to be properly chilled.


It takes a lot of gold to gold plate those things.


“Eric Schultz, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama, reacted to the news by tweeting that “we would have been impeached” if the previous administration had carried out such an upgrade to Air Force One.”

Actually, each of the Obama’s 2 plane, overstaffed vacations could have paid for 10X of those refrigerators.

They need all those Coke’s in case Trump has to stay aloft for several weeks in order to fight a nuclear war.:grin:


Each one of his vacations cost a quarter-billion?

You’ve been smokin’ the Bachmann.


Source please.

And we won’t even mention the relative cost of eighteen holes of golf from one president to the other.


Or the quantity thereof


Sorry, I meant to say “relative aggregate cost.”


I could but I have things that need to get done. The bottom line is that people shouldn’t view these issues competitively, they are both wasteful.


notice how CONS only say this when it’s a CON doing the spending?


I thought a brand new AF1 was in the pipeline, and Trump bullied some token discount on it?