All my life, I've shared Leonard Cohen's birthday


Okay, for my first 25 years I didn’t really know it. But after I did know it, this is the first time I’ve had to celebrate it without him. In my book, he was a genius of the same order as Dylan or Mitchell.

I’m happy to learn that a tribute concert is scheduled on roughly the first anniversary of his passing, November 6, in Montreal (actually he died on the 7th last year, Mitchell’s birthday.) I don’t plan to go, but I look forward to seeing the film.

But they’ll have a tough time upstaging his final album, released a few weeks after his death.


Happy belated.


Happy Birthday Comrade!


“All my life, I’ve shared Leonard Cohen’s birthday”

How did Leonard feel about that?

I’ll have to pick up a copy. I’m sure it’s good reading.

…and now for some real musical genius:


PS: Happy 70th.