Amnesty Don



This should please Doc.


Most Trumpturds are speechless today a few are disavowing the Don though… there goes the base! LMFAO


We should revoke citizenship from children of rape. They’re only here because of a crime a parent committed, and we should not make that ok.


I laughed until I stopped when I heard this.

Yeah, Trump, he’s one OUR side, he’ll protect white Ameri-----WHAT THE HOLY FUCK, it’s like he likes good press and fawning media more than white supremacy. Who even saw that coming? We can’t have that, Ima go over to Breitbart and shake my DACA in anger (the comments, the tears are so very very nourishing)


BTW Laura Ingraham doesn’t much care for the truth and being proven wrong; probably why this snowflake blocked me on the Twitter.


Based on NPR’s. Reporting the Donald is walking the agreement to being just a good convo after the contard knee jerking.


Its like someone other than Steve Bannon sat him down and said these kids add a LOT to the economy. They pay taxes. They’re not even eligible for welfare, unemployment et al. If they’re convicted of any crime they bounce them. These ARE the ‘immigrants’ you want coming here and then becoming citizens.


4 million of these people enter our country every year. They are uneducated, unskilled, and contribute nothing. They are a burden to honest, hardworking Americans and our government is doing nothing to stop them, not to mention they’re dirty and they smell bad. THEY DON’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!!

Man, I hate babies.


LMAO @ Trumptard cucks.


OMG. The snowflakes are melting.


lol I like to post this one sometimes