And here is your Holiday Humor thread 2015


Take a butter knife and run it around the inside of the can before plopping out on plate, then slice along the lines for perfect round portions. We usually have a slice or 2 each and then put the rest back in the fridge to “eat later”, which of course never happens.


We always make the cranberry sauce from scratch. It is delicious.


My family always gathered at Grannies for Thanksgiving and at Christmas, there’d be roughly 20 or so of us. Grandma always made a small bowl of the jellied Cranberry Sauce and 2 Jello’s without fruit in them for my cousin Kevin (Not his real name) and I. It wasn’t as though Kevin or I were super fussy or whiny about it, she just knew that we preferred those 2 items a certain way and made them that way for us.


That was sweet of her.

I like cranberry sauce on my stuffing. Mmmmmm.


You know how it is, those two meals were her big shiny moments in the sun, she rarely sat and ate, but was running around to the kitchen and back semi frantic that everyone had what they wanted etc


Oh, yeah. A woman’s work…


Now THAT! is a Grandma!



Happy Kwanzaa motherfuckas


I love the canned one. My Mom started to make one from scratch when I was older. So I still have too much nostalgia for the canned one and letting it slither out.






well, its a little funny…



So it turns out a high school chum of mine that does a little acting (you might remember him from such shows as Gentle Ben, The Andy Griffith Show, Star Trek and The Twilight Zone when he was a kid and the cult classic Ice Cream Man as an adult) is a collector of Snow Globes.

Of course if I was Ron’s little brother I’d probably be just as warped.



Global Warming Santa