I have to say I love these badges. Today, I learned it’s my anniversary here. Yay!


Thank You for your service!


I’m happy you stayed, Starling. It’s been much easier and more enjoyable talking to you here, than it was at that other place.


Thank you for inviting me here. I love the humour and lightness here.


I never even noticed that we have anniversary badges.


You seem to have several. The site software alerts you each time you receive one.


H&L - that’s me


I have several anniversary badges? I only see one.

Just a passing comment. It doesn’t matter. Clearly I missed all of the notifications.


I think he meant you have several badges.


So, you have been here a year? It doesn’t seem that long.


I didn’t really start posting until June. I wasn’t sure I liked the forum setup and software but now I wish all forums were like this.


I just realized that we can download all our old poasts. So I am off to memory lane.


Does anyone else got those “You’re on here way too fukking much” Badges?


You can admit it, you were just chicken!


Yeah me, it don’t like ya talkin to yerself - un Murican sez I


I needed someone to hold me cuz I was scared.