Anonymous OP-Ed in the NYT from a self described "Insider" Gives POTUS really terrible sads. ICYMI




Gee, guess no one would ever thot of using that word to make it look like pence



Anonymous sources are often fake sources…just sayin’. The NYT has a credibility problem…FACT


I smelled a rat too. It creates dissent at the highest level.


No it doesn’t


Yet it mirrors what Woodward says in Fear.


I no longer trust anonymous sources. There is always a shadow of a doubt.


If my new Nikes show up today, ima run over to the book store and pick up a copy of Fear.


You can sit in denial if that works for you.


Even if this OP-ED turns out to be something of a hoax, I think for most of us it rings true and backs up what many of us have long thought, Trump does not have the skills or temperament to be a leader presiding over multiple complex issues and topics. He’s a man child.


Yo, retard - if there was not anything to it - it would not get the least bit off attention

yer fucking emporer is gona fall - you can still worship Vlad thou and Kim so all is not lost


This coming from the gentleman who was convinced that Hillary was going…



I simply use linear logic and depending on anonymous sources proves nothing.:slightly_smiling_face:


It got attention because it came from the NYT.


Yes it did. Would you have more confidence had it come from CRTV or Breitbart?


His love for his emperor oozes on every post - I bet he is orange too


“No longer” meaning “since TRUMP told me not to”


It rings true. All you have to do is listen to what he says when he speaks or read what he tweets.

Though it requires that the individual have at least half a brain.


Giive L_R credit for being loyal to his orange god

Don’t forget to renew yer stormfront sub LR