Anonymous OP-Ed in the NYT from a self described "Insider" Gives POTUS really terrible sads. ICYMI


I really and truly don’t understand how a decent American could support him. I’m not trolling.


Even if you like most of his “Policies” Like Mr. Anonymous says he does, he is still a train wreck.


He wanted to order the assassination of a foreign leader. He disrespects the rule of law.

Jesus, when will then GOP say “enough”?



I guess that leaves me out.:grin:


I figured it out. It was John Brennan.


For all I know it could well be “Deep State” or some sane DC movers and shakers or a staffer as anonymous claims to be, that are seeing what a great many of us are seeing a guy who might mean well, but is in way over his head. functioning adults don’t tweet rage everyday and go to pep rallies in Montana for some applause therapy or order Military Parades for Military deference therapy. Or go golfing 25% of the time they are on the clock.


Nah, you have at least 2/3rds…lol


I agree I think LR1 is a good guy I’ve always liked him and often disagreed with him, but that’s his roll, which is just a tad bit off beat from some of us.


I think LR is a great guy. I just don’t agree with his politics.


I’m not sure we know his politics, really He keeps his cards closer to his chest than most of us. Of all of us “old timers” I feel like he is a good old friend as are all of you, but I also feel I know less about him than anyone (old timer) here.





Yeah, so are several of my old wild and crazy high school buds. Waddya gonna do? I don’t hang with these guys i am just FB friended with just enough to get updates on most of them that I was close to, or knew.


It’s all not what you thinkn sez this op I cannot find now

They said - the nyt thing said they are trying to steer trump in the right direction for the good of the party

it said this reassures the mass RFC that things will be kept under control and thereby help the midterms fer cons

so trump prob had it written cause it will help the cons cause they are keeping the crazy fuck in order

course it sed it much better then I just did



Don’t you have a velvet pic of orangy to brush or a plastic putin dick to pacify on?





Are you upset because I reminded folks that you said that Hillary was a sure bet?:grin: