Anonymous OP-Ed in the NYT from a self described "Insider" Gives POTUS really terrible sads. ICYMI


I think that my opinions pretty much run the full spectrum. You seem to have a need to categorize people. That makes the world easier to understand I guess.


So much better to have a Russian puppet in tne WH.


It sometimes surprises me but I continue to gain insights into myself, even at my age. Maybe someday I will explain things.:slightly_smiling_face:


Huh? Things are getting pretty serious over there with Russia, Syria and Iran teaming up. Store up some rice.


scumbag needs a distraction - like Assad is gona gas his own people - I hope Russia and Iran put us back in our tents

Sardines - fuck rice - what are you going to do - - carry around a 50 pound sack of rice to trade and then the bugs get into it

Lissen to six


Brennan hated Trump. Brennan lost his security clearance, not able to reenter the White House. The op ed was a new anti Trump strategy.

Brennan probably had inside sources as well.

You can thank me later.


What can you tell us about retiring SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son’s ties to the Kushner’s and Deutchebank?