Another 737 crash


This time, shot down by Iran!



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Iran refuses to give over black box


Maybe Trump should shoot down another one of their air Liners.


I still can’t wrap my head around them fucking idiots getting away with it

they should have been tried for murder - it was fucking pathetic - you got your tech but you lost your humanity - Quote from Wolfen

A commercial airliner climbing away from them squawking commercial and they shoot it down


So you agree that Iran should he held accountable for shooting down the airliner?


The one we shot down asshole - years ago

Iran did not shoot down anything


Oh yeah? Then why was ancaorplane with a great safety record worh nothing wrong fall out of the sky with a giant hole blown into it, and Iran is refusing to give Boeing the flight recorder?

Let this post be in memoriam of how retarded SmallBrain6 is when Iran starts apologizing to Ukraine, UK, etc that their citizens were killed by a state sponsored terror attack.


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But five security sources - three Americans, one European and one Canadian - who asked not to be named, told Reuters the initial assessment of Western intelligence agencies was that the plane had suffered a technical malfunction and had not been brought down by a missile. There was evidence one of the jet’s engines had overheated, the Canadian source said.


That can’t be told in hours. The pilots did not mention any malfunctions and the plane was in an operable status.

The Boeing jet went down near Tehran, killing at least 176 people. Though the evidence remained sketchy, aviation experts speculated that the plane could have been attacked.


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In memoriam.

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Let’s think: transponder is armored, hardwired with heavy gauge material. It is a redundant system. The only way it can be turned off is if the wires are disconnected/torn/etc.

But somehow the aircraft stop transponding while it was in mid-air, whilst climbing.

Holes in the aircraft are inconsistent with normal wreckage, IE fan blade protrusion.

To think there is nothing nefarious going on, as Iran shoot missiles onto Join Iraq/US bases 30 minutes prior, you have to be absolutley fucking retarded or a terrorist-cock loving cuck.


may, could, might etc, are indefinite articles meaning it’s a guess or hunch.


Technically they are indefinite modifying verbs, but your point is taken. An indefinite article is like “some”, “any”, etc


That’s what I meant to say.


If it got shot down we did it - fact


The majority of the passengers were Persians.


Oh so now you admit there’s a possibility that Iran shot it down?


Are they not civilians?
Is this not a terrorist attack?