Another 737 crash


Could be, but shall we not rush to judgement based solely on xenophobia, and wait for some facts to arrive?



Like the weird holes in the aircraft and the fact that multiple armored, hardwired transponders shut off all at once during a takeoff climb?

Paging BD6 for the xenophobia… racist, anti-gay fucker is rich with that stuff.



This thread will go down in history showing that SmallDick6 thought was sucking the Iranians cock, denied they shot down a civilian aircraft before he even knew about the incident, then denied it was the Iranians as soon as there was moderate proof that the aircraft was shot down. This thread is living, breathing proof that @Bigdukesix loves cuddling with terrorists and supports them and defends them.

Now here’s the video.



Oh relax, we all know how the fog of war works.


Boro is off cheering his handlers shooting down that plane

It’s got our fingerprints all over it


We have SAM sites inside Iran where their SAM sites are?





That’s literally Iran right now lmao


So Iran is a lot like the Trump administration.


Yer right, what was I thinking - It ain’t like a shoulder missile could be smuggled into Iran - I mean ST6 or Delta could never do it. My bad, sorry - I musta lost my head


… just no.

Smh man


It was shot by a Russian made launch platform, not a shoulder fired system. From Iran. Iran uses Russian weapons.


Even the Trudeau says Iran shot it down

Interesting though @Bigdukesix that you said it was impossible for it to be shot downed. Now you’re blaming everyone but the most likely suspect, the people who actually shot it down- your lovers, Iran. What’s it like to be a terrorist lover?


I’m hearing Iran is letting Boeing assist.


“Entities should not be multiplied without necessity.” Bitch - that’s what the fuck you are - a little bitch for the banks and pipeline companies




Keep crying, you’re still wrong.


A tool is, One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-esteem.