Another 737 crash


Imagine being too stupid and inept that you think I’m a tool.




Imagine thinking a typo/autocorrect was anything more than just that.


Imagine calling someone stupid while being unable to handle basic usage of your native language.


Where have I never been unable to communicate in my native language?

Transcribe via technology? Sure, but that has nothing to do with stupidity, and more to do with laziness.

If you want me to call out every time you fuck up by having typos, etc, I’m game.


Where did I say that?


Jesus christ.



@Bigdukesix read it and weep.

Proved you wrong every time.


It was unintentional - not like 655

This chain of events was set off by your orange god



Okay so you admit that Iran shot down and killed those civilians now?



How do you know that the person who did it was not a fucking tool - PAID BY US - like you?

You don’t


I’m glad you admit that you were wrong this whole thread.

Well, this is weird

Iran decided to get rid of everything. Fuck.the investigation they say.


I would have done the same - fake news - what crash -

take a lesson from your god

If you wanna have a decent life hope Iran gets a nuke and takes out israel and saudis- only hope for humanity