Another Beto idiocy


Seriously, fuck this cuck. When people have sworn to serend the Constitution and then someone simply wants to violate the 2nd… what does he expect? Does he expect people to hand him daisies along with their rifles?


Get over yourself. Fuck your Cosplay guns. You’re more upset about a guy fed up with needless deaths, than you are of a guy threatening murder.


Nice of you to want violence stopped by advocating violence




Yer not saying anything about the RFC making death threats

And fer the record I don’t like beto


I think “the guy threatening murder” in Apey’s post was the RFC you refer to.


That was exactly what I was addressing to Bromo, reread por favor.


I’m wondering who BD6 thinks is who in your post.


I think he may have gotten into the brown sardines, I heard they weren’t too good.


Is he threatening murder? I wouldn’t say so. Violating the Constitution of the United States is traitorous and all traitors will be held accordingly.


Amending the Constitution is a violation? Final answer?


Are you so fucking stupid that you believe “I’m gonna take your AR15”, is an amendment to the Constitution? Do you not realize that’s LITERALLY an infringement, which the 2nd declares is not lawful?

Please tell me you’re trolling…
Defending someone who wants to get rid of the 2nd is traitorous, too.


Cucking relevant


The 2nd is about keeping government out of your shit. The government already doesn’t allow us the sort of firepower that will do that. So either we are already infringed because we don’t get to have RPGs an shit, or your idea of infringement is not correct.

We’ve been over this, Boro.


So you just want more infringement because they’ve already done it
Makes no sense.

Cons have been crying about a slippery slope for DECADES and denied that it’s real.

Yet here we are, slippery slope obvious and you’re defending it.


Did you lnow 47 signers of The Constitution(ie almost all of them) were slave holders?


Interesting segways, let’s stay on topic.

Did you know the revolution started when the British tried to take guns?


No, the revolution had already begun, that’s why they attempted to take the guns. Not the other way around.


Point being our Founders, despite how amazing they may have been, were not infallible and they knew that men can fuck shit up, and that is why they allowed for “changing” or “Amending” the constitution as a possibility, Like the 2nd Amendment as a a tweak to the Constitution for ex.


Except the AR15 isn’t some weapon of mass destruction. Beto is an idiot who can’t even buy one himself… lmao

Outright banning weapons by name isn’t amending. It’s infringing.