Another Beto idiocy


If guns are locked in a safe as they should be, the avg meth head burglar is not going to steal them.


Your average meth head burglar is literally breaking multiple laws by breaking into LOCKED vehicle to STEAL your weapon.

I’d accept this argument if you were talking about kids stealing their parents weapons or getting ahold of it… but your argument here is absolutely trash and invalid. Next.

I’m not victim blaming. Ape is… and here is surely much older than I.



You have a history, hence my answer.


I have a history of victim blaming?
Are you okay?


Yes, and yes.


Mother fucker is stone crazy

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke admitted on Wednesday that under his federal gun “buyback” plan, police officers would go to the homes of those gun owners who refused to sell their weapons to the government in order to “recover” the banned semi-automatic rifles.


You know, the A1 upgrades (not the flash hider or the barrel extension, just the quick change barrel and “fixed” headspace) were easily identified as needed improvements, fifty years before the Pentagon got around to them. And really, the technology was already there fifty years ago, had anyone bothered to think about it.


My NCO says he hates it. Calls it unreliable and so forth.

I told him if I have to do a barrel change in combat, I’d like to be outside of my armored vehicle for as little as possible. And I’ve never had a headspace related malfunction.


Chances are he learned on the old M2 and he’s attached to his feelings of “ownership” of the gauges and the folderol which makes him “highly trained.” And he doesn’t feel n99bs should be able to get behind a fifty without all that (now obsolete) training, so he resents the newer weapon. Seen that headset before. Usually an alcohol abuse issue underneath it.


On the UH1B there were oil reservoirs up above the main rotor that lubed the thrust and roller bearings where the blades changed pitch multiple times per revolution. All those bearings were in an oil bath, and the seals that kept the oil in there were subject to get leaky in adverse conditions (like sand, in particular) and then they dripped oil all over the place and down the mast all over the xmsn case. If you had a leaky one it was a pain in the ass to keep things clean on the main workdeck. Plus, it was tricky as fuck to safety wire the fill plugs correctly, and if you had a tech inspector that didn’t like you he’d make life hard. One of those fuckers for each main rotor blade.

But after a while you’d figure out the secret of unscrewing the air vent plug way up high on the reservoir and adding yer oil that way, piece of cake and no safety wire. It was a secret cause nobody ever told anybody you could get away with it, and you better not get caught when you did it.

So when the UH1E came out and they started phasing it in…teflon bearings, no oil. And all the old timers hated it and predicted the bearings would fail in the first sandstorm, etc.

Same thinking.


I call it “old manism”, or “boomerism”.
Same thing with people preferring carberuation over fuel injection.


You made that up - that’s impossible


Nope, I’ve known a few.


As a country with strict gun control our murder rate didn’t go down, It just shifted tool. Most guns here now are black market and illegal. As a result, most guns are now owned by the bikie gangs our government has no control over.

There was one advantage, most shootings are now executions so we have less near fatal shootings…



Bromo, you might want to hold off on shipping your cosplay guns to Beto, he’s dropping out.


Sad day.

Was hoping to vote for him.

Beto for Boogaloo!


You could still write him in.


We all know who is getting Boros vote


Mattis again.


Another fucking traitor