Another Beto idiocy


Beto dropped out, now STFU Boro. Stop crying.


Ya goota wunder if they really don’t wanna run, but say stupid stuff to not have a chance - live high on the hog on the campaign trail for a bit while you can ignore yer real job.

this fuck was doomed for the gun stance - gona send the police to get yer guns

the guy is an epic asshole


@Oak, not sure what warranted the prolapsed anus-esque response, but here… have a meme.


Oak has literally said she wanted to do the same thing as Beto suggested.




Dat is fucking classic


But no one here is against abortions.


Doesn’t always work tho does it





What is up with this thoughts and prayers BS anyway?
I see you dudes trolling it all the time but I’ve seen libtards, repukes, etc all over FB all say it. I haven’t noticed a difference, except the libtards prefer to dance in the blood for an anti-constitutional agenda.


thoughts and prayers sent.




You have told me you want AR15s banned and confiscated. You said the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets and such.

Funny, because supreme court disagrees with ya.


I don’t recall saying that the constitution ONLY applies to muskets, moron. And if I did, it was tongue and cheek.

I don’t believe we need semi-automatic weapons for self-defense or for hunting.


Ask this lady


A shotgun woulda worked too


I know, she coulda blown off both of their heads with a 12-gauge with 00-shot.


A shotgun would have been great fer trying to shoot someone holding yer kid, unless if you don’t like the kid of course

yu sound like fucking joe biden


Takes some courage to take a shot with an AR if they’re holding your kid too. If TV is any indication (I know, I know) even yer badass balks at taking that shot, until they don’t