Another Beto idiocy


Snapchat gets another

whose turn is next

twitter or facebook or a double Snapchat

vote and vote often




Barrel shrouds
They’re the shoulder things that go up


Welp he’s too nutty to try for murder, but thanks to Jesus, that didn’t stop him from getting an AR15.


What loopholes?




A vast, vast majority of Americans want background checks. The others are just you and Moscow Mitch.


Yo, it’s common fucking knowledge that if state residence no BG check

I am yawning that this commie fuck went to the trouble of putting on this show when he could have posted a link to the net

anyone should have seen thru this fucking show

it’s fucking showtime for his 5 mins of fame - hence the yawn

I bet he used fucking campaign money to buy it - and will fucking keep it

Captain fuckin obvious goes to a gun show to put on a show and Apey & R get all fucking googly eyed - thanks fer da raff


That’s what it sounds like when you raff?


Enforced background checks for all sales, public and private here. Residence or not. And you give up your HIPAA rights aswell.


Yeah I saw that, you might want to get a 2nd opinion on that brain tumor, those are nothing to fck around with.


The military could wipe out opposition people. Don’t rely on the 2nd amendment to save you.

Look at how much people like Boro just love their status as superior to “civilians”. They do an excellent job with brainwashing them against the people that pay their wages.


Vietnam. Cambodia. Iraq. Afghanistan. Etc. Either way, an intelligent person would prefer some chance over none.

Link? I’ve never said I’m better than anyone due to service, except maybe you because you’re a blithering idiot.

You realize I get taxes taken out of my mil paycheck and my civilian paycheck aswell, right? Who the fuck is brainwashed? Obviously it’s you, ya damn Anti-Constitutionalist.


You’re so cute when you get “lathered up”



Most of those wars were before the most modern and sophisticated weaponry the world has ever seen. There is no chance, wise up.

You’ve shown your sense of superiority over and over. Some lame ass idea that civilians should keep quiet if they don’t serve. The very opposite of why we supposedly have the military to protect our freedoms.

We all pay taxes, but you think you’re better because you’re in the military, don’t pretend otherwise.


He can’t even have a conversation without name-calling.


There was a reason we have the Military submissive to Civilian Authority.

PS, article unrelated.

‘Not sudden, impulsive acts’: School shooters showed warning signs, Secret Service finds
The study, which looked in depth at 41 school attacks, is one of the most comprehensive reviews of school attacks since the Columbine shootings in 1999.


Iraq and Afghanistan is still ongoing.


Wrong again

Damn, don’t be so offended. You are, in fact, an Anti-Constitutionalist.


You called me a blithering idiot. If I am an idiot, then you’re brain-dead with no hope of recovery.


You mean you get TWO paychecks and have to pay taxes on BOTH of them? Where’s my fainting couch?