Another Beto idiocy


Meanwhile you’re against personal freedoms, wanna tax the shit out of everyone and etc. But I’m the brain dead one. Lmao…so yes, you are a blithering idiot.


Yeah, you summed me up perfectly.



Isn’t it fortunate that we have such a large supply of school shootings upon which to base a nuanced study?

Stop and think about that for a moment.

Then ask yourself how many people can read that sentence without even a change in galvanic skin response, blood pressure, respiration or heart rate, and shrug it off as “not my problem.”

And since it’s a large number, please ask YOURself what the fukk is wrong with them / you.


But Jesus gabe me unconditional rights to unlimited guns!


Don’t like freedom of arms, leave the country :man_shrugging:
Banning guns has NEVER stopped murders.
Banning guns has NEVER stopped suicides.

One day you’ll rub your two remaining brain cells together and realize that.

Until then,
Y’all Anti-Constitutionalist pigs. Just own it.


Did you know the 2A was not added to the Constitution until 1791? The founders allowed for the Constitution to be amended, meaning it can be edited, added to and reduced.

Too bad you don’t understand the god dam piece of paper you’re squaking about.




Responsible Gun Owners.


Like ya cud believe the TSA - they gotta justify their being with bullshit






We got some dumbasses out there.



Patriot… more like idiot.

The most useful thing I learned in the mil is to not paint yourself a target for any reason

A big thing is car stickers




“Such I hold to be the genuine use of Gunpowder: that it makes all men tall.”
― Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus


I want to go buy a semi-automatic weapon and shoot this thread.

I do.


Imagine wanting to buy a gun to do violence.

I hope you never own one, I bet you couldn’t pass the background health screening.


^^ No sense of humor.



The funny part is you probably COULDN’T get a gun even if you wanted one.


You and Beta are one in the same… unable to own guns so they wanna ban everyone. Lol


Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

In any case, I’ll be getting my dad’s firearms back that he’d given to my ex that died.

So much for your theory.