Another Beto idiocy


Nothing changed before, during or after.

Except gun prices.


Song reference


Other than after it was allowed to expire, assault weapon assaults, including mass shootings accelerating quickly.




Know what else accelerated during that time?
Total population, mental illness, drug use, etc
Correlation is not causation.


LOL funny stuff. So let’s make sure all the nut jobs and drug addicts have unfettered access to assault rifles!


You realize I’m a huge advocate for health checks, safe storage and enhanced background checks… right?


Good for you. I also think the cosplay weapons need to either be banned, or very tightly restricted and monitored.






Very old list, there have probably been a dozen more shootings since this meme was born.

Why indeed.


Fuck, wanna get rid of em

Change the name to AR-20

Problem solved


Hell, why not just call them Freedom Reapers, Six



@Borommakot …something tells me this ain’t even ABOUT O’Rourke, is it?

It reminds me of the way RFCs lose their mind everytime AOC walks into her office building.


So America Proud she could buy a gun


What else would it be about? :face_with_monocle:


Why does the inventor of the AR-15 hate the 2nd amendment?


LMAO - he designed it to match the AK-47

Is this a fucking joke

I could do better then a fucking M-16 with no arms fabricating background


That’s like saying “my son was a good boy”, after he was shot by Police for murdering people

Lol no…the AL was designed to be used Nd repaired by peasants. It’s a robust, clunky weapon with poor accuracy.

The Stoner rifle was designed to be lightweight, compact, and accurate. The mil doesn’t care if they need armored.

The problems with the M16 platform can easily be fixed by going to a piston design gas system and going up in caliber. Both of these are in the works. The current M4A1s and magazines issued are already worlds better than they were back in your day.