Another Beto idiocy




A relative saying what a dead mean thinks is always, always a lie.

Everyone is a saint when they’re dead.


So you think this inventor envisioned his love child to be used in mowing down school children and walmart shoppers? Interesting concept.


I see you and the Honorable Governor Huckabee are on the same page, so you have that going for you Bromo, which is nice.


I’ll never understand this argument. Military weapons and accessories for killing humans should be banned. Shot guns, and hunting rifles not banned. To me it’s a no brainer. Having a hand gun should require a permit.


Six calls bullshit on that and really the whole post

No one is treating the root cause and treating the symptom won’t do crap


I’m open to suggestions



Canada has mentally ill, and video games and rap music and a culture pretty similar to ours.







There is no fucking tribe to sort out the crazy ones

suppose everyone had to attend a block or hood party every night or day or wot the fuck ever - the ones alienated cud be part of something.

No one gives a fuck and you fucking gun fucking grabbers think yer gona fix it

It will be cars or propane tanks or what ever

Ban large clips - how the fuck silly can you get?

Yu get the idea or you don’t


Seems most of Murrica don’t get it, we just want to minimize avoidable deaths, especially the deaths of children.


So when you say “no one is treating the root cause” you’re saying no one CAN? Then what are we to do about dead innocents? Just shrug and say I’m ok with you dying so we can have death sticks?

If you’re gonna deflect to some other strategy and then say there can’t be one I’m gonna have to stop you there.


What is considered a mass shooting? Because we haven’t had that baby mass shootings.

Must be the “man commits suicide” = mass shooting that news was spinning years ago.

I’ll never understand this argument. So what makes it a “military rifle”? An AR15 isn’t used by the military. Neither is an ACR, both of which are up for ban in WA. Aswell as a 1927A1, and FAL which both are converted to semi only and cannot be made to full auto.

The military uses select fire, or fully automatic (sniper systems aside). None of which are legal








Can you link me how many NRA members have murdered people?




Right here: