Another Beto idiocy


Not talking about Joe Six Pack and his .308 here.


Yeah I’ll be ignoring your ignorance for the rest of this conversation.


I understand that I just disproved your meme, but come on…

If legal gun owners were the problem, there would be 1000x+ more murders. You can’t refute that.


In favor of your own no doubt.


Then what is? And how do we fix it?


The NRA is an entity ostensibly supported by its “members” who are mostly decent people. I’m referring to the NRA as merchants of death.


I think you forgot a word or two…


He’s a militia!


You must be talking about the first section of the 2nd Amendment regarding militias.

Sorry, common mistake. That’s not the topic at hand.


Yes it is.


There’s only one 2nd amendment and it’s one whole.


Do you know what commas are


Of course, do you know it’s still the same sentence?


Do you know what a sentence is?

Our Founders were for the most part educated af, having studied Greek and Latin etc I think those guys knew how to form a sentence.


Dis been going on same crap fer over 10 years - since the 3rd day of the BYs

If fucking decep was here he wud be sayin the same thing he did a 1000 times

time to call the gun thing a day

no one is gona change anyone’s mind




It takes good guy with a gun. Example # too many to count.



Now isn’t that Special?


Imagine not being able to see a joke


I nearly split my sides raffing.