Another Beto idiocy


Look out “Robert” He ain’t bluffing!


This bullshit reminds me of the story about the London cops mailing a speeder a ticket generated by a speed trap camera robot. It was a post card with the particulars and location of his infringement, featuring a snapshot of his mug in his car and the radar report. Pissed him off, so he mailed in a photograph of a check to pay his fine. Cops mailed back a photo of a pair of handcuffs, after which he paid.

Beto oughta send this guy a photo of a masked sniper in cammies holding a scoped Barrett .50 at high port.


It ain’t just a story, but it happened here in a SJ suburb.


Years ago, My Sales Manager who had a Demo, got a phone call from the Hambeast Office Manager Witch, we listen to his side of the convo, “No fckn way Tandy, I don’t speed in my demo, I know better than that, what OK I’ll come down and have a look” He comes back with one of the stop light pics clearly showing the dealer plate frame and his big face grimacing through the windshield, there was zero doubt who was behind the wheel. (Dealer plate cars don’t get a front plate, so the cops could only figure it might be one of our Company cars.)


Didn’t hear the SJ version, but it happened for real in a London suburb too several years back, snopes and all.


In this case the second comma was used to separate two independent clauses in the same sentence. The first comma is superfluous from a gramattical or logical standpoint, and the third comma (after “arms”) serves no known purpose . To someone who’s read the founders at some length, it reads as though the writer intended to say something like “SINCE (or perhaps BECAUSE) a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State, the right…etc.” Had it been said thus, the intent of the first clause would have been to support the second one and the first clause would have been a dependent one.

The modern practice is to drop the first and third commas but keep the second one. Contemporary copies from the XVIII Century are quite varied as to those two commas although the main one is always preserved. It is surprising to me that people as lettered as some of those gents were would suffer unnecessary commas or a lack of precision, yet there it is.

The argument that the first phrase was inserted to placate slave states is usually defeated by pointing out that the vast majority of the first congress were, in fact, slave owners.



That’s funny.


Mother fucker must have brain damage




Very ignorant way to look as things.




I agree, you gun fondlers are ridiculous.


An armed society is a polite society.

Essentially translates to…

Be polite to me or I shoot you.


You have to take yourself waaaay too seriously to shoot a rude person.


I’ve never met a sane person who shot someone who was rude to them.

Once again.

Non criminals don’t do criminal things.