Another Beto idiocy


^^^ proving the point


occupy gots librull bias


You must have never heard of Kennesaw.

Safety course should be a mandatory thing in high school. Regardless, a safety course doesn’t stop murders.

Having to interview to utilize a constitutional right is only infringing on law abiding citizens. Criminals can’t even begin to apply, let alone a murderer doesn’t give a fuck if he has a lawful right to own that gun or not.

Please be intelligent.




So your saying that our current system of keeping kindergartners safe from sad boys, is to do nothing?
Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out.


You’re implying that it’s legal for a kid to own a gun and take it to school and kill people.

That’s illegal.

Infringing on law abiding citizens does not stop illegal activity.

Why don’t you understand this?


Not to be a grammar kop asshole, but I sure wish some of you would learn the difference between IMPLY and INFER. They aren’t interchangeable.


:face_with_monocle: well




Fear mongering prevents it. There’s bills all throughout the country coming up to ban buying and ownership of weapons. Why? Why punish law abiding citizens? You’re an intelligent person, yet you stick with the retard concept of “guilty until proven innocent”, and “ban them and criminals won’t be able to get them either”, and “gun free zones work”.

Eric Thiede sounds like a fudd. Fuck him.


“If we were all armed, there would be no more crime”


Criminals gonna do criminal things. Nice job of using some idiots argument against me, even though I’ve literally never stated that statement.



@Apeman do you really think banning weapons based on cosmetics will reduce crime?


Yes. IMHO there is a reason AR-15’s are the weapon of choice among incel cosplayers.


Is it the same reason Hong Kongers are begging for the rights we have?

The fact of the matter is banning weapons creates more “crime”. People won’t stop dying. People will use a different gun, they will stab, they will bomb, etc. Evil people will continue to do evil things. You know this. Why the AR15 though? It’s not the most common used murder weapon.

You can throw in the fact that crime statistics will skyrocket because your common everyday law abiding citizen gun owner is now a felon. And black markets will boom.

Banning weapons has never caused a decrease in crime within the United States. There is no direct correlation.


It’s good you threw in that qualifier. In Australia they had very good results.


And Japan and Canada, and England and Germany and France and…


Germany literally started genocide, Australia isn’t any safer, the UK turned to knives and now those are banned, too. Japan is a consolidated island with massive control, and Canadians are just too nice but they haven’t exactly rid themselves of school shootings and murders just by banning guns.

Meanwhile places with required weapons like Kennesaw and Switzerland don’t seem to have much problems… this tells me it’s the human element, which has been proven time and time again

Besides, my guns haven’t killed anybody. Nor will they ever.


quantify plz


Rape and other sexual assault has risen. Homicide has stayed stable. Violent crimes not leading to death have risen.