Another Beto idiocy


Beto ain’t half bad on the issues

too bad about his gun thing


Moar gunz pleas


How do you know the toddlers are not terrorists - they get them young sometimes


Fair point.


So you advocate banning AR15 because toddlers grab someone’s PISTOL and shoot?



Look, sonny… I haven’t been on a military range since 1964, but there’s no question I could go to one today and re-qualify at least Sharpshooter on the M14. I never carried one after 1964, only carried pistols and only used the M60 and M2 although I was issued an M16 that I hung on the back of the aircraft commander’s seat and ignored for a whole year. I was deemed field proficient with all of them but never “trained” or had the luxury of a range…

We can make this real and I’ll change your mind. Let’s go to the Bonneville salt flats, no cover, and face off prone at 400 meters, you can have any semi-auto variant of the Stoner rifle you want in any caliber up to .308, no glass, just iron sights. I’ll have a pre-1964 Model 70, iron sights. We both get 5 rounds of mil-spec ball on the range to check zero, and for the face-off we each get 3 rounds of the same.

We each pay travel & expenses, loser pays medical bills and incidental funerary and legal costs. You game?

As far as gun control goes, I support UBCs and closing swap meet/gun show loopholes. And mostly I favor stringent enforcement of any current laws until they are found stupid and formally repealed. I imagine that’s the best offer you’ll get from any veterans I know.


I found it easy to re-qualify

just punch a 4 in column 32 or whatever col it was - I forget


I think if I can hit a target at 600m with a 5.56 round out of an M16A2 with irons in the kneeling position with opposing winds I could do fine with a 7.62. Although to be honest, I needed my spotter to reel me in. :slight_smile: 5.56 outside 300m is garbage.

The new “M14s” are pretty slick, albeit they’re called Enhanced Battle Rifles now. I got to play with one when I went to Squad Designated Marksman school a couple years ago.

I just got moved from 1-1 as an M2 Gunner and VC to 1-4 (heavy weapons) as a MK19 Gunner and VC. You’d be pleased to know you don’t have to head space M2s now.



“Killing people, solves problems”


Coming from people who ripped newborns from the arms of their mothers and killed how many natives


White people gots issues.


Pascoe is a commie fuck -


Petrhaps, but imo he is not wrong.


no perhaps and who gives a fuck what someone from a place with the gross product of fucking Tulsa has to say


Seems u do.


I cud care less

Actually I hope you get yer gun free USA after I am worm food

see what the fuck happens

Lick the hand that feeds you and sich


Still curious about your answer to this question.


That is a non sequitur you created in your own head, I am requesting that our gun laws need to be tightened up, parents that allow toddlers to shoot themselves should be held accountable, just like the guys letting guns to be burgled form their homes and autos.

Clearly AR15’s are not the weapon of choice for toddlers, toddlers seem to prefer mommy or daddy’s handgun.


I wonder how old I have to be before I start victim blaming.


Whatever you are now, minus at least a year.