Another old fuck big star going down?


What’s that man movin’ 'cross the stage?
It looks a lot like the one used by Jimmy Page
It’s like a Relic from A different age
Could be, ooh-ee


Don’t look at me I wasn’t even alive in the rapey 70s.


So rape ended after the 70s? Whew. Good to know! Imma go for a jog at night, in the mountains.


Make sure to wear your slinkiest ‘come rape me’ attire.


Which would, of course, mean that if I did get raped, it would be totally my fault, so not a genuine rape at all.


I believe the GOP apologizers call it a “legitimate” rape


I think any and all alleged crime should be questioned rather than blindly accepted. The court of public opinion doesn’t seem to have such standards.

I’m a woman and I don’t want to condemn anyone without evidentiary support. That’s not an attack on women or disbelief of women or denial of crime against women. It’s applying logic and reason rather than blind support of an accuser.

I also want to note that when I was growing up, legal consenting age for sex was 14.


I agree. But Spoon right away started calling HER allegation disturbing, rather than even considering the possibility that it’s true.

I imagine that since the investigation was re-opened at the behest of the police department, not her, there is something there.


I see him questioning the story which everyone should be doing.


I was hoping that it would be Elton John.


OH, well. that makes rape fine.

I don’t believe legal consent was ever that low in my lifetime anywhere where I would consent to live in the USA.


I was figuring Rod Stewart.


Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize adding a point of interest about consenting age in Canada translated to legitimized rape.




Yeah sigh. You should have seen my original comment. I had to Canadianize that shit on second thought.


Starling, fyi, I DID question the allegation before I chose to start a thread about it. I am really not stupid. Didn’t we go through this with Cosby? You and others condemned the first couple of women to come forward, iirc.

This is a small message board. I am not practicing journalism here. I realize there’s a possibility he didn’t do it. But considering the FACTS of the case (most tellingly, that the cops themselves re-opened the case) my opinion is that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And, yeah, I find it creepy that so many people are eager to jump to the defense of rich and powerful men.


Please link me where I condemned women re:Cosby. I’d like to reread my supposed stupidity.


I said, iirc. Maybe I’m wrong about you being among the members here who did so.


I don’t see the defence of Tom Jones in questioning the presented details in the article. What I see is you playing the card that says you should not question allegations of rape because it delegitimizes the victim. I happen to think that’s bullshit.


I never said they shouldn’t be questioned. Please link to where you think I said that.