Another one


WASHINGTON — At least seven U.S. troops were wounded Saturday when an Afghan soldier allegedly fired on them inside a military compound in northern Afghanistan, the second apparent insider attack in a week.


We don’t belong there

are you ever gona catch on?


It’s almost like they don’t like be occupied by foreign invaders or something.


But, But, PNAC

you know the ones Boro wants to die for


I’d die for you, Booboo.


Oh, you’re so sweet!


Anything for the “Specials” of the world.



I’m sorry to say this Boro, but that’s so fucking dumb.


Smalldicksix… is special.

A very special man, indeed.


What does that have to do with you claiming you’d die for him in the context of Afghanistan? Have you been anywhere near an actual combat zone?


It was a joke, miss. :slight_smile:


Jokes are funny!

Sorry Boro, my uncle was in Afghanistan and he’s still suffering from PTSD from it. It’s not a joke.


Most Alpha type personalities can laugh at such things. We got a deathly dark sense of humour- most people would thing is very crude and insensitive.





Who da fook is that


Some guy claiming to be alpha on the innernet


Look at the guns on that ruffian, you wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark forum.


tiny little deringers


Any gurl will tell you a Derringer will still put a hole in ya, so no need to feel ashamed