Another rightwing loudmouth on the way to piss off and trigger LIBs




I’m really not familiar with a single song he has done… he pretty much sucks like Terrible Ted, doubt if he would win. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see him as a competent but otherwise unremarkable musician, who plays the “outrageous personality” game in order to achieve some notoriety. Because his politics are mostly neocon, and probably not well thought out, I don’t see him doing well in Michigan if the urban people vote.

Warren is just cynically using his negative charm as her own fundraising tool. I’m not a fan of hers…she’s been quick to capitalize on photo-ops and media coverage for herself but her own voting record doesn’t look that hot if you check it out.


Pocahontas is a disgrace. Kid Rock is mallcore trash. But there might be some mileage in how much he pisses of the left at least.


At some point electing people needs to be about what’s best for America, not what will annoy the other side the most.