Antifa Are Terrorists



“Proud boys” and “antifa” are terrorists.


Antifa are patriots


It’s just weird to me that you never hear about Antifa ever being involved in any violence when there is NOT a group like the Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer or any of the other “Nationalists” Being right in the middle of it, i guess it’s just one of those things you can’t explain.


I don’t care who’s side who is one, using violence and intimidation with a political background is literally terrorism.

That being said, I do believe Nazis, skins etc all have received their just punishment. We literally fought a war for that.


false to fact


Okay, what punishment would be “just?”


Six is speechless over that one -


consider the source


You don’t think Antifa knocking out a nazi is just?

Consider being a quality individual.


I subscribe to the Donny Donowitz school of what to do with Nazis

One day I hope to make Donny proud


Consider logical consistency.




So, do you still hold this same opinion? I’m guessing prolly not so much.