Any one have any special plans for the 4th?




ER parking lot


Lying low at Home then walking to fireworks. Not a day to drive anywhere.

Oh, and cooking a holiday meal for a family from church that just had a tragedy.


Nothing special, gotta work Thurs, so can’t stay out late


I probably won’t do any special either, maybe cook some ribs low and slow in the oven, and then try to keep my Doggo from freaking out later when the sound effects start.


My kitty will hide.


At my FIL’s house. He lives close to Santa Clara Central Park so we tend to hang out front to watch the stuff that’s flung higher up, and listen to the soundtrack at a 2 or 3 second delay. Been doing this since the nephews were wee, now they’re 17 and 20.

The Fourth was the MIL’s fave, she passed a couple weeks before then last year. Was a somber celebration, but we did the backyard BBQ/dogs with her in mind. We’ll see how it feels this year. She’s passed on Father’s Day, we did FD without really talking about it this year. MrsR and I talk about these things, but her family at large tends not to.


We’ll still be laid up here, me and my cardiac patient. We can see the local FW very well by driving to the top level of a parking garage downtown (extra bonus: clear view of the ER entrance, especially with binocs) and sitting in the car, but generally we don’t bother. We can walk across the street to a vacant lot and see all of the high stuff, but a bit closer. This year, as many other years, it’s gonna be too hot even for that. Plus the doggies will be apeshit and need somebody’s lap to sit on.


Lotsa pets are gona go missing

the owners will be like

Sparky run off cause of all the noise

WTF did ya think was gona happen

Having to look for a pet sucks


Wot you don’t have hug-coats for yer furbabies?


Thanks, now I have something else to have “provider issues” about.


That’s some serious bullshit there


Bullshit sells. Just :eyes: at TRump.