Any Recommendations for Humidifiers?


Small apartment - 550 sq ft. Even just one for the bedroom at night.
I thought this on maybe:


Or just move to Oregon.


The 'midifier only costs 40 bucks, and I don’t have to pack anything.


Never Mind, everybody. I 1-clicked it.


What if i told you my Grandfather came this land from the old country (ok Texas) with the clothes on his back and only a few coins in his pocket?


I’d believe you. Unless you want to tell me there is some reason you’d lie to me about it.


Only if i were leading you down a Primrose Path.


…but you wouldn’t.



I got a cool mist one, sucks, I want one of the simple old style ones that you fill with water and it emits steam vapor… the cool mist shit doesn’t do shit during a dry winter, you might as well set out a couple pans of water and point a fan at them… :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you looked at the Air Wick line of room freshening products?


I put a pot of water on the stove with some cinammon in it. When it boils, I put it in the room I want it.

In other words, I’m no help.


Really - that’s what we used to do in olden-times. When we had the old steam radiators we’d put pans of water on them. Hippies - what did we know.

PS: I think I’ll do that now.


You have to put water in them…

I wish I had the one we had when I was a kid. It was that type - just a plume of warm steam coming out. I’ll check ebay if I don’t like this one.