Anybody remember Reaper?


I’m just posting these here so they’ll be hosted somewhere, since the forum he just tried to throw me off of is so fucked up you can’t upload an image to it.


Did he try to throw you off for being the only person to post there? And why was it only a “try”?


Well, the forum owner has basically abandoned it. It’s been dead for a couple of years. He has an expanded local mod panel…it’s hard to explain, the owner doesn’t give the package of permissions that go with a job but rather doles them out piecemeal. So he’s got mod permissions over the whole place but he doesnt have the other Global tools, and especially not the ban hammer nor the ability to put me in Twatville, which is like the playpen. So, I pulled his chain, he EDITED MY POST, I pushed back, he melted and had to ask the owner to log in and put me in Twatville except evidently she had forgotten how. So I still had the run of the place, and while he was strutting and crowing I just flooded the front page and took the screenies. Then I reset my password to a random string and logged out. I won’t be returning, there’s nothing there but him.


Maybe he needs some friends?


LOL Lotus

Ya know, I’ve beat every female that’s ever tried me on a forum. Lotus would totally whoop me in a flame war tho.