Anyone seen Rancid recently?


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Brazil’s national museum hit by huge fire -


I saw that too and the first thing that I wondered about was why such a place apparently had no sprinkler system. Piss only gets you so far.



Rancid is still visible on the internet, here and there. He lives a goodly distance from the museum. But I thought of him too yesterday when the story broke.


He seems to be posting at WK’s Cindybin. The posts ooze “ignorant asshole”.


I listened to a story on NPR about this, priceless artifacts gone forever. No sprinkler syste for fires, really?

What a major screw up. I bet even “shitholes” like Mexico have safeguarded national treasures.


Rancid may still be menstruating over Oaks return


I saw something rancid lately, and while it reminded me of him, it was not him.