Apey your Beavers are making quick work of my Mustangs




Who are they Mustangs?


I didn’t realize the Beavs were going to win a game this year, good for them!



No! NO! All hail Green and Gold!

(Cal Poly is an EDUCATIONAL establishment… that means they suck at sports)


The Beav’s are kind of Oregon’s J.V. College, however their BasedBall team has done very well the last couple years.



If they’re the JV, I guess you gotta pick on the frosh-soph teams to get W’s.



They really went all out of that points thing, good for them!


I’m thinking if my Mustangs were to try to win, they might have considered scoring more points than OSU in the effort.


it almost seems like some teams don’t quite get the points part of the game.


The more smarter ones probably pursue the thinkey arts and sciences, dunnit.